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Default JD2 feedback

Hi, I just installed JD2 beta. Had a lot of hope coming with this version. JD1 was good, but not perfect.
And JD2 is a milestone... down.

It looks terribly. Now, in days where counts only super clean minimal interface, like W8(Modern) or Android(Holo) apps, the current XP like theme with coloured, big icons, rounder corners, glossy reflections, gradients and totally unintuitive options location is completly misunderstanding.

I knew it's not just update, but an major update, but I see no reason for completly redesigned inerface. Almost all options changed their place. For the worse, of course.

I used it for 10 minutes, and had no strength for struggle with this version longer.

To all haters saying "it's free, youre stupid, you can't require anything from dev":
sure, i can't and i really appreciate their work, but i also can't stand while they are ruining the not perfect, but still good software. I'm really dissapointed.

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