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Originally Posted by remi View Post
Are you using any jD add-ons?
  • tray icon
  • Jd-shutdown
  • JD suport chat
  • JD-unrar
  • JD. HJmerge

I will disable all the add-ons-- to check...

but I had the same add-ons installed with version 0.5xx and I didnt have the memory problems...

I have tested the program in 5 differents computers with diferent SO and in 3 of them I have the same memory problems.
I am sure a lot of people have the same problem but most of them use Jdownloader to download maximum 30/40 links... so they finish the download before their computer hangs... those people only says that their computer go slow when using jdownloader.. but their real problem is the memory, I have a memory monitor activated thats because I know thats the problem.

the minimum I use are 80 links (100mb)... with version 0.4xx and 0.5xx I had more than 500 links in queue with no problem.

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