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Originally Posted by remi View Post
You seem to have at least one 64 bit OS.

Did you try Jiaz' recommendation and switch to a 32 bit java?
I am using 32 bits version of java...

I have been using jdownloader from the beginning everyday (intensively) , and this is the first time I really not able to make the program work...

I am very sad for it, because I have done a manual for the spanish users, I have been using the DLC container to protect my links and I have forced to all user to use Jdownloader... and now I am not able to use the program more than 1 hour before computer hangs because of memory...

Im sure is not a problem in my configuration, there are a bug in the program that "eat" the memory little by little ... my only hope is that some admin open a ticket for the bug, and maybe in a future version the problem will be fixed...
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