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Default My.JDownloader direct connect via WAN


I'm trying to get the direct connect mode working over WAN or even VPN (which doesn't really change anything I think)

First: Do the forwarded ports need to be TCP oder UDP
(for testing I did both)

I could not really verify them to be open, (via **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**) but I think that's because no service is actually waiting for a ping on this port and the JDown will only answer when it comes from MyJD ?

So my situation:

JD(A) runs on an NAS behind a router(A), which doesn't support upnp port forwarding. So I need to manually forward the local port there. (Done)

But my Client (my.jdownloader...) is often situated behind a router(2) that supports upnp.
Will it still work behind manually forwarded routers? = Will the upnp open the same port I set as manual port? Dont think so. So I can only use the lan/wan option?

Still I didn't get it to work, not even via VPN (the JD(A) can see its VPN IP)

I tested a little bit behind router(B) using a local version (JD(B)) on my laptop and with the android app. One time i noticed that the direct connection (LAN) was established using the VPN adress (but for this connection the VPN tunnel did not need to be used...

I did restart the routers, JD and app / browser a few times...
The dns rebind exceptions were also made with router(B) (Fritzbox )

I'm out of ideas...

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