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Well, that's true teamviewer might be faster and i could still post the solution here.

I'm using Mode: "allow lan/wan connections with manual portforwarding"
local port=remote port
Which is forwarded in the router which works as gateway WAN <->LAN (NAS=JD)

I did restart Jdownloader, as well as the router and browser (running MyJdownloader)

I just noticed, that the URI in the settings is which differs from the one you mentioned ( from this adress, I do get a ping answer. But that's not the problem.

I can get a direc connection with android app (mobile network) but once I hotspot that network and try it with my laptop, it is again MyJD Server.
Same if i connect my laptop to another LAN via VPN.

So I guess the portforwarding works, and maybe the Hotspot / VPN are interfering here...
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