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I am using the webinterface on the laptop to test (what else? the browser extension opens the webinterface)

The known Ips are: External (WAN / Internet) IP, LAN Ip, and the VPN -that's working because it's pointing to my LAN -IP

As far as I remember, VPN always needs different IP ranges. But the VPN (thats not working) was just used, to get "outside".

I just "painted" an overview, but since testing the VPN on my desktop kind of screwed up the connection to my printer/scanner... that's gotta have to wait.
Strangely at the moment the VPN (itself / normal browsing) did not work at the laptop... too strange...
--> **External links are only visible to Support Staff**Paining
Green are the connections which bring up DC Mode.
Red, orange and yellow are the ones, which bring up Server Mode.

Already a change, which I dont understand: After installing the VPN (shrewsoft client) on my desktop, I wont get DC mode anymore. Over VPN no DV nonetheless

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