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Tested which neither solved the rendering or xorg crashing issue **External links are only visible to Support Staff**Oracles version of JDK 8
Testing **External links are only visible to Support Staff**Oracles version of JDK 9 fixes the rendering issue but xorg still seems to crash:
  • - JDownloader does look worse, more pixelated fonts, some borders missing and elements cut off but I was told this is a known issue with version 9 of Java.
    -> puu sh/ydUZa/1229fb6df0.png (replace space with dot)
  • - X2Go reports that connection got terminated periodically and I'll have to re-open it via X2Go Client
    -> puu sh/yey5i/1a7ca024df.png (replace space with dot)
  • - I was told in IRC chat on freenode that this may be a memory issue of not being allocated enough but JDownloader reports 63.3 MB/126MB/3.9GB of In use/allocated/max allowed
    -> puu sh/yexRd/d34ef21463.png (replace space with dot)
  • - Here maybe some more or less relevant comments from X2Go support:
    "the disconnects are still worrisome though"
    "it sounds like nxagent is spinning"
    "NX transport is really just proxying X requests through with compression applied"
    "so whatever behavior is causing this, I wouldn't expect it to just go away"
    (@Ionic on

@moderators: If it's against the rules to modify URLs so they don't get replaced and therefore are visible to the public please replace those back with the proper URL so they get replaced by that placeholder again.

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