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Maginifier in windows OS or zoomed-in browser tab?
The one came with windows OS 8.

update 2: so captcha is still not working 100% as described previously.

a) further observations with this behavior shows that the error occurs randomly, it is not tied to a specific hoster. One more thing I didn't realize previously is that if and when Capcha do open captcha prompt into the browser - ONLY 1 tab is open. BUT, when it fails and I have to click on Open in Browser - now 2 tabs open up in the browser with the same URL. When captcha is solved, both tabs closes. (the 2nd tabs might explain that jd did try to open captcha automatically but some how fails and that command is till in query, as soon as I click Open in Browser 2nd query got added and action is forced which resulted in 2 tabs)

b) I dig a little futher and found that when jd is in focus/active/the top most windows. Captcha automatically open up in browser as normal. Since the browser window just been called and now it stays on top of jd, the next captcha fails to open. But if I re-focus the jd window to be on top again and wait for the next captcha then it works.

c) as described in b) also answer this issue is that when restart jd, it'll ask to start download all. The 1st captcha open up fine, but immediate following that the next captcha fails. This is because browser windows is still active.

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