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I think I know why Captcha open in browser fails when jd windows is Not in focus but works fine when is it in focus/active/the top most windows.

os: Windows 8
To test this, I unticked the Auto Click check box to be able to go back to jd window to verify.

While browsing or watching a movie ect... jd play audio chime to let you know captcha challenge is about to start but nothing happened. Auto load captcha challenge into browser failed. For the last couple of weeks this is what I have been living with.

I then have to bring jd parent windows forward and click <Open Browser> on 'Captcha Challenge' popup window to load captcha into the browser everytime (note that this action resulted in 2 of the same captcha challenge tabs open instead of 1). Then I started to notice that the 'Captcha Challenge' popup window itself is not active or in focus although it is the top most of the jd parent window. If 2 of any windows open side by side; the inactive window would be greyed out while active one would be blue. In this case the <Open Browser> button in popup window is also not highlighted either as a confirmation. (as far as i know most popup windows as a default button in focus)

With the same settings and except this time jd window is active/top most. Can't do much except EventScripting or staring at the ceiling. Captcha challenge auto open in browser with no problems (of course without saying the Browser at this point is the ontop most window). Now if I bring the jd window up this time the 'Captcha challenge' popup window is blue and <Open Browser> button is also blue and highlighted.

Perhaps my situation is unique. I was able to resolved this with an EventScripter via 'Before a Captcha Challend' trigger to call an external third party macro script to bring 'Captcha Challenge' popup windows into focus and voila problem solved. This is not to say I wouldn't prefer 'Captcha Challenge' to open in browser in all scenarios as intended.

Would there be an explanation as to why 'Captcha Challenge' popup window failed to be the top most window of its' JD Parent windows.
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