Thread: [Solved] JDwonloader 2 can't update
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Default JDwonloader 2 can't update

Hi, i'm new. I'm italian and i can't write very good in english but i try
From 2 months, more or less, i can't update jdownloader and it gives me this message:

'' org.jdownloader.update.SelfUpdateException: Selftest took more than 5 minutes

at org.jdownloader.update.SelfUpdateClient.finishSelfUpdate(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager.runFinishSelfUpdate(

at org.jdownloader.update.DefaultCallbackHandler.onResults(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager.runUpdateLoop(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager$

at Source) ''

can anyone help me please?
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