Thread: [Solved] JDwonloader 2 can't update
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Close JDownloader. Delete the file Core.jar and the folders 'tmp' and 'update'. Start JDownloader again and it should update just fine. In case this still fails, I suggest we do a teamviewer session, so we can help you live. Contact us via
Hi, sorry for writing now but i didn't have so much time.
I did like you wrote me but it can't update....and now i have this new error message:

" org.jdownloader.update.SelfUpdateException: Selftest took more than 5 minutes

at org.jdownloader.update.SelfUpdateClient.finishSelfUpdate(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager.runFinishSelfUpdate(

at org.jdownloader.update.DefaultCallbackHandler.onResults(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager.runUpdateLoop(

at org.jdownloader.update.UpdateManager$

at Source) "

Can anyone help me?
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