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Default Check CRC after all files download

Apologies if I missed something - either a setting in the app, or something on the forums, but I searched and found nothing.

If there isn't a way already, it would be very useful to only CRC check (and re-download if chosen) files after all downloads finish. That way, when downloading multiple files at once, your hard drive isn't constantly jumping between reading and writing. I know some reads take place when writing files, but a CRC check is pretty heavy to lay on top of multiple downloads, especially if using a 5400RPM mechanical drive.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like I can just manually run the CRC task after selecting all once finished. I gotta wait for a big DL to finish to be sure, but if so, that works for me. I'd prefer it automatically kick in after all are done for ones that finish when I'm not around, but better.

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