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Default Can't add real-debrid account, keeps asking for captcha

I have headless jdownloader installed in a Synology NAS. I can't add a real-debrid account to myjdownloader. Happens on web or the android app. On web, when I add the account, I get a notification for a CAPTCHA. When I click on it, nothing happens. Same thing if I click the CAPTCHA button on the bottom.

On Android, I get the notification as well. When I click on it, it's just stuck on Loading captcha data. Clicking RETRY does nothing.

This was working up until a couple of days ago. I noticed my downloads where not downloading, it kept saying account is missing. I tried to remove and re-add the account, then this happened.

This is my log id: jdlog://8511035302851

Also, I have JDownloader2 installed on a Windows machine. I can add my real-debrid account there and everything works. No CAPTCHA needed.
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