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How can I get the list of added crawled links from a crawler id or a job id when it is finished ?

I tried multiples things using JSON and objects but I always got error...
    var lscq = '{\r\n  "collectorInfo" : true,\r\n  "jobIds": ' + jid + '\r\n}';
    var lscq2 = '{"collectorInfo" : true, "jobIds": ' + jid + '}';
    var jst = JSON.stringify(lscq);
    alert(callAPI("linkgrabberv2", "queryLinkCrawlerJobs", lscq2));

Edit :
Nevermind for the error, after trying many variant I finally found a way :
    var lscq = {
        "collectorInfo": true,
        "jobId": jid
    alert(callAPI("linkgrabberv2", "queryLinkCrawlerJobs", lscq));
Still don't know what API call to use for getting which links said crawler job id added, but I'll still try to find it myself until someone can answer me anyway.

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