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Lots of text So I try my best to understand and help

Notice: please don't make use of UUID the way you do now because there is now guarantee that they will stay the same. Just use them as numbers but avoid *magic* like comparing those via greater/less...

Instead of using api event system, better use the *ON_NEW_LINK* event that is triggered for every new link added to linkgrabber list and you just have to check for duplicate and then can modify/remove the link.

Or you can make use of *NEW_CRAWLER_JOB* and then toggle setAssignJobID(true) and (after next core update) and getUUID(next core update) and later you can make use of queryLinksParameter method with jobUUIDs, see
jobUUIDs is a long array and that's the cause of the error you got. you're trying to cast a number to a long[] to retrieve all links that are result of the job.

the api event system is very lightweight whereas the native events provide much more data/methods.

getSourceJob is only available during the crawling process and is cleared after the link is in linkgrabber.

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