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Angry free downloads fails throwing web error

I understand this is probably related to their having disabled their API last month.

JDownloader will start to download a file but stop and throw a web error barely a meg or too in. The error will read:

Website error: "Your download has not finished yet" (

After that JDownloader will automatically throw that error without even bothering to initiate the download until some designated timeout period has lapsed.

Yet for the record, I am capable of manually pasting file link in browser and using the browser's shitty builtin downloader to download the file.

After customary jumping through hoops on filejoker site to get the temporary free file link it will say something like "file link will be available for the next hour". But even using identical user agent pasted to filejoker plugin input box JDownloader will continue returning the same "your download has not finished yet" website error when I try to use JDownloader to download the file from the link I had just obtained manually from filejoker.

JDownloader throws this same error regardless of whether I try to download anonymously or using host plugin login with free account.

One last detail that may or may not have anything to do with this issue. When using browser to manually download free file from filejoker the download will eventually succeed but the speeds will throttle erratically, fluctuating from 100 kb/s down to zero and stay zero for a few seconds before throttling upwards again. It's weird. Perhaps when throttling to zero JDownloader thinks the DL has timed out and gets the web error on trying to re-initiate the download?

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