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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
The antiDDoS as you referenced isn't something you can turn on or off, its just a function of the browser. I made this with assistance with coalado and jiaz many year ago. It wont be the cause of your failure per se, it just doesn't work with cloudflare at this time. They changed how there website works and actively fight non standard browsers which add support (google this or look on our forum) for it. Without the that support within JD Browser, and if the website is under attack or has permanent protection mode is active you wont be able to crawl or download with JDownloader.
So it's not JD that's blocking the download, it's entirely Cloudflare's block? And if so, the block only happens because CF detects JD's browser?

If so, does that mean if JD were to use a Mozilla user-agent, for example -- theoretically -- the block wouldn't occur?

(hypothetical question for understanding, I'm not suggesting JD fake a user-agent)
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