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I'm not an expert (actually, the opposite) but, even after reading the other topic on "Cloudflare thread", and other thing on net I have a doubt, so I hope you don't hate if I ask:

when i found this:
<< the necessary data (cookies and user agent) useful to bypass Cloudflare and similar anti-bot protections >> .... whats? why? [**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

I noticed that a program specialized in manga-comic dl has found the problem with the help of a browser app.

in disbelief I tried and apparently it works.

the basic idea seems simple:

if the program is blocked,
- open the browser, go to the link page
- wait for the page to load and click on the "assistance" app.
-..... now copy the text and past in the programm .

and the download really start !

I'm not saying to write a browser app, but why not experiment with this one that already exists?

something like:
- if JD gets blocked X times
- JD open the link in the user default browser
- JD asks at the user << copi the test from the app>>.

[ and then cookee etc change every time? wouldn't it be enough to report them once? or at last one time for session ?]

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