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Hi! Long time user of JD1 (7-8 years?), who finally got off of my old XP machine and can now use JD2. Very nice. Much, much better and now I regret waiting so long. As I use it, I'm slowly getting it configured to my needs. I love the configurability although I'm sure it could be very intimidating to a new user.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Is it normal to get multiple updates every day? If I'm currently downloading, I'll let non-restarting updates go through, but I always worry that I might be updating a plug-in that I'm currently downloading through. Would it be possible to get a list of the plug-ins being updated in the pop-up or does that not really matter? Some of my downloads take forever, are not resumable and I really don't want to risk starting over.

2) I'm having some issues with captcha's (doesn't everybody?). I finally figured out how to turn off the browser loop, since I generally don't have problems solving the captcha's though JD and I don't like having my browser pop up when I'm working in JD. However, the picture-based captcha's (v2 reCaptcha?) just don't seem to work through JD. I tried turning the browser loop back on but something wasn't configured right and I couldn't get the downloads to start. Is it possible to have just those go through the browser loop while all the rest stay within JD? Could you point me to some help with configuring captchas and my browser (PaleMoon) so this works properly?

Great work guys and gals. A fantastic, time-saving package!
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