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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Script Updated:
mgpai/Jiaz thank you very much for help me with the scripts.
This script is exactly what I wanted, but when there are no links in linkgrabber it gives an error in this line:

// Move all links to download list
// Related Post:


// Function
function moveAllToDownloadList() {
    callAPI("linkgrabberv2", "cleanup", [], [], "DELETE_DUPE", "REMOVE_LINKS_ONLY", "ALL");
    getAllCrawledPackages().forEach(function(package) {
        callAPI("linkgrabberv2", "moveToDownloadlist", [], [package.getUUID()]);
Caused by: org.appwork.remoteapi.exceptions.BadParameterException: BAD_PARAMETERS(ERROR_BAD_REQUEST)
	at org.jdownloader.api.utils.PackageControllerUtils.cleanup(
	at org.jdownloader.api.linkcollector.v2.LinkCollectorAPIImplV2.cleanup(
I want to run this script with interval(30s). How to make it ignore the error message?

Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Have you renamed "EventScripter Trigger" to "Export URLs"? The button name in context menu should be the same as the one used in script.
Now it works, thank you.
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