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Originally Posted by Wicküler View Post
Don't know if this should be posted since it's so simple, but I wanted a way of getting notifications on my phone via pushover when a package had finished. It was quite easy and using the code
postPage("**External links are only visible to Support Staff**,
+ package.getName() +
" finished.");
with the Trigger "Package finished" is all that was needed. The userKey is located in your pushover-profile-page and the appToken can be generated there as well via "Create an API token" (somewhere near the bottom under "Your applications").

Works like a charm but if this thread is meant for more elaborate scripts, feel free to move or delete this post. Since I didn't find any other hints or tutorials for using pushover for jdownloader-notifications, I thought I'd just leave it here.
i know that this post is a bit old but i cannot get this script to work. any tips?
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