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Originally Posted by Velhans View Post
From what i've seen downloading from Youtube its completely random whether your speeds are going to be throttled or not. Started about 5-6 months ago so it isn't new. Some days you can download at max for hours, then other days it throttles making an 80meg video take 20 minutes to download at 50-300kibs. Just have to wait it out and come back later.
i noticed it does that on some accounts, the notorious nuclear throne player for example isnt that fast (10gb over 5 hours on 360p, the huge 700+ playlist), but when i downloaded from a not popular account it does at full speed almost 23-24gb of battlefield hardline matches

i will get some faster than light videos from a less know channel this night , if my theory works, i report tomorrow

i like watching roguelikes

edit, i guess you are right donloaded again only 75 videos or 9 gig,,, thats sad

ill try another website tonight, i have collected tons of videos so i can try other stuff

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