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Default Keep2Share - try restarting this link (plugin outdated?)

Having a problem with this error on my K2S links.

Also am having a problem when I start my links for K2S it's asking for captcha even though I am using premium account.


17.06.17 01.50.19 <--> 17.06.17 01.32.41 jdlog://2268804015941/

17.06.17 02.31.20 <--> 17.06.17 02.31.18 jdlog://5368804015941/

(The second log has the captcha problem.)

*It seems to have happened after I updated JD2.

*I tried multiple K2S links and it does the same.

*I have a premium account with Filefactory but that is working fine.

*I can download K2S links from the browser no problem.
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