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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
it will throw exception now and 10minute wait. Its same on other plugins like filefactory. Keep in mind its just for that link and not others. So you can still burn through credits depending on how many links are within your list. Since slots availability is a unknown outcome, waiting at a higher or lesser value wont actually guarantee it will work on next try. I would recommend either premium service or avoid using free mode for this hoster (disable it with account usage rule).

I don't see how being able to manually increase the retry time would be an unacceptable solution. In an advanced option, perhaps. I get why 10 minutes is used, and with plugins like Filefactory it behaves totally different. Filefactory has no captcha, for one, and second it IS only for that link. With Keep2Share, when one link hits "No free slots", ALL links show "No free slots". JD doesn't try the next link- at least, not on my system (I have the API disabled). Which is accurate- K2S sets the no free slots globally, whereas Filefactory does it per server.
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