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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
its indiscriminate if you pay or not, thats why I gave recommendations to minimise it been triggered.
I know what you're saying. It's still my money, though. It sounds like it's turning into a Nitroflare rip-off.

Nitroflare plugin for memory is entirely https (ssl) except for the finallink which most do not offer https.
And how would that affect my situation?

could be used to track a individual user over multiple IP changes, it makes downloading less anonymous. Also easier for cloudflare to determine non standard browser, as it would have a longer period to determine.
I would clean out any existing cookies after each session. Cloudfare or otherwise. Then they wouldn't be able to track me as easily as you say and prevent that from happening.

As I said before, I don't mind entering a captcha one time at the start of every new session, or everytime I changed my IP, but this constant loop after I do it the first time is what worries me. If saving the cloudfare cookie per session prevents this, then I'm all for it!

that's why we have the issue ticket present on the forum, you see its status and percentage finished. When its closed and 100% it's completed.
Where are those pending tickets located at on the forum? I'd like to be able to subscribe to that thread and get a heads-up.

antiddos captchas only trigger exceptions, it will allow for retry. As the desired outcome is to finish queue, waiting is what happens. This retry will prevent shutdown just like a normal download in free mode!
And there's no way to change that? A lot of captchas will consume memory over the course of a few hours that can cause some machines to lock up. Not good!

Sorry I don't see that happening. Once again I advise that you look for solutions to not trigger antiddos captcha events.
I'm really surprised there isn't a setting in there making a time-out an option. You seem to have setting for practically everything else. Maybe more (settings) than there needs to be as it currently is.

Thing is, when I log in to Nitroflare's website and download directly from there through my browser, I never get captchas. Same VPN, same IP. Now why is that? It doesn't go through Cloudfare that way?

Or maybe they're trying to encourage people not to use JDownloader and use their own web-based program.

Sorry for the attitude. Again, I appreciate all your time here. It's not you. I know you're just trying to help.
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