Thread: [User feedback required] nitroflare unable to connect to hosts
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Well I switched VPNs and still no good.

I then imported the Firewall rules from the machine where JDowloader/Nitroflare works to the one that doesn't and that still didn't work.

I then logged into Nitroflare's website and downloaded the .rar from their website through the browser and that worked. The bottleneck seems to be in JDownloader itself.

I can tell you this. The day it stopped working was when my Premium subscription to Nitroflare ran out and it canceled the rest of a download I was doing. The entry line for Nitroflare in the Account Manager section was red saying it had expired and that I needed to renew it, which I did.

Once I renewed it, the entry in Account Manager went back to normal but it hasn't been able to download through a VPN since.

Any other ideas?

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