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I don't know if this is related, but when I saw the response in the thread about multiple domains for k2s, I thought it might be my issue.

I just signed up for k2s Premium, but JD is reporting the account [still] expired. The account manager shows "" as the Hoster, but when I log into k2s in my browser, the domain is "". Does JD try all domains? I can't change anything in to change the domain, can I? Everything is from a pulldown menu.

Here is my log ID: 14.03.15 13.59.07to15.03.15 16.56.31 jdlog://0866496763241/

I REALLY hope this does not count as a double post, but I started reading ALL of the K2S bug reports. One of them suggested removing an account (although I think it said plugin) from Account Manager and adding it back in. I did this and JD confirmed my Premium account!

This might be an overlooked bug in JD, but it can certainly hit those of use that have been using JD for years and years.

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