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yes, my logs are huge, because I download a lot. I'm not complaining about the proxy connections (I think the proxy connections worsen the rapidgator issue, as no traffic for extended periods of time cause the proxy side to timeout itself).

This is without proxies.

My observation is that the longer a free rapidgator download goes, the longer it pauses and hence induces a timeout.

i.e. before I motivated you to extend the default timeout, I'd get timeouts on even 1-2GB files constantly, once you changed that, it stopped.

When I moved it to 5 minutes, I was able to download 5GB files consistently, but ~10GB were causing problems

when I moved it to 10 minutes I was then able to download ~10GB files consistently.

I can't easily move it beyond that (perhaps hacking the json config directly?), but its now always failing in the 13-14GB range. I'd like to try it with a 20 minute timeout and see what happens.

you maybe right that it doesn't change anything, but I'd like to be able to prove that. I'm not asking to change the rapidgator setting, I'm asking to change the limit in the advance settings.

it could also be that I'm totally wrong about the advance setting and my analysis is off
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