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Lightbulb Req: Multiple "linkgrabber" tabs - For more room, better Organization


I have I think a great idea for JD2...

If possible please allow the ability to load and create multiple lists of the separate tabs. This would allow me to have multiple lists of different link types if I wanted. With fast switch to make the clipboard put new links in one tab list or another. To help separate one set of lists into a different tab for better organization overall.

Is this possible? Or is it even currently a feature Im unaware of?

I know it could be some work but it would be nice to be able to have maybe at least 1-2 more linkgrabber tabs for multiple link lists. WITH the ability to completely organize the users lists. Should also have the ability to limit list sizes. Then make JD2 use whatever linkgrabber tab the user defines to monitor.

Also....the ability to drag and drop and/or cut and paste links from one linkgrabber tab to another.

Of course with all the great features the linkgrabber currently possesses.

Love JD2! The best BY FAR!

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