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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
There is no unpack queue
There are no known issues with extraction that would lead to *does not stop and cannot stopped*. What exactly happens? Do you make use of eventscripter scripts that might block
But when unpack it unpack one after one. So it must store somewhere what pack is next, right? For me this is queue. And it lost when close JDownloader software.
Does not matter if close for error or something. But if closed then gone.
And when open again queue not works. Have to unpack and wait till finished before must click next one to unpack.
Not possible like before to select many and they unpack one after one alone. So have to sit and wait and click and sit and wait and click.
And error is sometimes file not unpack. It says unpacking and little icon rotate at buttom but nothing happen. So click more to unpack and list gets longer and then poof all gone when restart. Abort unpack for error file not possible, no reaction.
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