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Default 1Fichier and IP Blocking

many users with premium accounts in 1Fichier have problems downloading files that have a password in 1Fichier
After half an hour downloaded 1Fichier blocks the IP.
I think it's a kind of problem with the 1fichier API code and with the Jdownloader
I think that the repeated sending of requests to the server to resolve the password of the file to download, I think 1Fichier sees it as an attack on the premium account and blocks the IP for one hour for security.
The recommendations of 1fichier is
Turn off your account option to show the download menu.
and no more than 10 simultaneous connections.
but even if you meet these two simple rules, the problem is not solved

I have created a record of the problem:
21.04.19 09.35.45 <--> 21.04.19 10.19.55 jdlog://3823876935451/

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