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after downloading file i must wait 10 minutes and JD is counting that 10 minutes before trying to download next file. But after that it starts to do it over and over again - wait 10 minutes, wait 10 minutes and so on...
I've got exactly the same problem

It a problem with the file host & not Jdownloader

I was going to report until I found this thread.

Trying their website with the file links I'm trying download produces mixed results.

It says the file is not present some of the times then later after multiple retrys it says it is.

I has also repeatedly told me when I try to download a file straight after finishing another that I am still downloading. It's been an hour since my last download finished and I'm still locked out because apparently I'm already downloading

I'm trying to get 50 files atm & not going to be easy is it?

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