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screen shot was there, just not shown at least in my browser (hence my previous post).. just double checked and image was provided though was in img bbtag, i removed via edit.

I believe the renaming issue is caused by mirror hosting services / multiupload (would have easily been determined if url was given to us originally) or the given hoster. Some providers change filenames on uploads, we need to identify these to treat said chars as wildcards or just remove them in comparison matching. We already have handling for this within our backend (I requested feature like ~7 years ago). Note: If the issue is caused by the multiupload/mirroring party we probably can't fix. As for the _2 I do not know why that would happen even with files that are of the same name on service doesn't cause an issue.. but Id still say a platform issue by either multiuploader/mirror or host itself, this is very hard to fix or identify.

you can easily test if the hoster is at fault, by uploading test files to the service with probable illegal characters and see if they get auto renamed.

Please give us working examples, and we can try and 'fix' this accordingly within hoster plugins. Thread is multiple is over 30posts now and no example urls.
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