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@Viga562: first idea I would like to share and gather some thoughts on it

A syntax similiar to bbcode. some example
[*video_id*]_this is the *video_id*[/*video_id*]
if the video_id property is available then evaluate the content and output would be
_this is the 3213123
in case the video_is proprty is not set, then it won't be evaluated and output is empty

another example
[*video_id*]videoID yes[/*video_id*][!*video_id*]videoID no[/*video_id*!]
then output would be either "videoID yes" or "videoID no" depending if property is available or not

that way we could also provide some more sophisticated features like
would result in "YES"

with such a syntax you can define what name should look like if property xy is available or not available. Please feel free to share comments/thoughts/ideas
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