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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Better explanation please.
reCaptchaV2 should be the same for all websites also usually JD will only solve one browser-captcha after another and not multiple at the same time.

-Multible Downloads 2 Different Hosts at the same time
-JD Program is startet.
-JD start with Share Online, RC2-Browser Captcha. While this the 35seconds before RC2 Captcha of Rapidgator already runs down.
-RC2 of course takes much longer to solve than 35seconds. Lets say solving takes 65 seconds. Now the Rapidgator Timeoutwindow runs already 30 seconds.
-Now i start RC2-Browser Captcha. I have about 9 seconds before the Captcha Times out. Solving RC2 takes at least 39 seconds - impossible.

JD dont have to start the initial 35seconds countdown before any other Captcha is solved.

RC2 on Rapidgator is different, if you dont solve it within about 40seconds you cant download. For Share-Online its not a Problem if it takes 2 Minutes.
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