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Originally Posted by user748912 View Post
It cant be coincidence that is always accessable if JD dont run, but if JD run its instable. Tryed many times on different days.
I cannot reproduce the issue and it would happen to ALL websites and not just Also the connections are between Browser and JDownloader and are not connected to rapidgator in any way.
Did you check DNS resolution because this sounds like issues with DNS timeouts to me. Do you use DNS of your router/modem or did you customize DNS on your computer. I suggest to check this first!
I can only repeat myself. We're willing to help but without being able to reproduce the issue, the best and easiest AND fastest way would be a teamviewer session.

Don't get me wrong. It's good that you invest time to find possible causes and we can check them, but testing is more complex than just seeing a high number in netstat and conclude that it's the cause for the rapidgator issues.
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