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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
There are not 93 open connections but 93 connections in total. Without using HTTP-Keepalive on Serverside each Browser-to-JDownloader request will open a new TCP connection which will end up in normal WAITING state. Those states don't hurd and any OS (incuding Windows) doesn't care for normal use.

I don't see any advantage for HTTP-Keepalive in localhost/lan situation where latency is no requirement nor problem.
There are 93 connections of JD<>JD Plugin.
It hurts the Windows OS. Like i told, while JD, no Browser access to Rapidgator.

I know you are a sensitive for critic but i must ask: Do you know what you do?
You open(and close or not) 93 connections for 1-2 Captchas. You dont open 93 connections for 93 Captchas. This makes no sense.

If the limit would be 33/sec you already over the limit(JD dont make the connections after one hour, it does it while open the Browser plugin).
It may be too a Windows Bug, but i know that if i open xxx ports windows cant access internet anymore(wasnt loopback, but i remember).
Thats at least for 2000/XP. You could ask the ones that use for now Rapidgator via Browser cause it doesn work with JD what OS they use...
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