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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I cannot reproduce the issue and it would happen to ALL websites and not just Also the connections are between Browser and JDownloader and are not connected to rapidgator in any way.
Did you check DNS resolution because this sounds like issues with DNS timeouts to me. Do you use DNS of your router/modem or did you customize DNS on your computer.

I told i tryed while the error occur(cause log says connection error). I doesnt say that it not happend to other sites. The DNS of the Provider is used. It would no big deal to test another DNS Server or use a local DNS for rapidgator. But 1. DNS are cached, 2. a "Connection Time Out" is very different to "Server not Found", 3. Why should this happend only while/short after JD has asked a Captcha???

The easiest test would be to make a JD Version without this amount of connections(dont know what you do there, just build put in a delay of 5 Seconds - Temporary option).
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