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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
The extension asks JDownloader every second if the captcha window can be closed, because it might have timed out/closed/solved by different solver, plus some more requests for loading api information/data.
93(loopback only, external of JD dont counted) would mean i need about 93 seconds for 1 captcha...
Even if you not reach the Windows limits, are you sure that it is allowed for a Firefox Plugin to do such strange thing? You know JD is yours and you know the Browser Plugin is yours means there is no reason to dont leave the connection open. JD eats already up huge amounts of resources. For 2 Download over http connections it uses so much cpu that speedstep cant stay at low frequency and the Fan cant stay quit. Too over 100MB memory is used...

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
If the extension would cause this, then all sites would be affected and not just only rapidgator and all users would report same issues.
99.999% of the users dont would make an account here for reporting Bugs...
And you know about Rapidgatore there are Reports, but people give up an say "i use the Browser, impossible with JD"
And no its just Rapidgator.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
For example this is a good information because older OS has much tigher/different limitations. So you're on XP/2000 or what OS? What browser version?
Depends, Windows has too induduced more limits on newer Versions.
Yes XP Professional SP3, Firefox ESR 52.5.0

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Easy questions...can you still surf/open other websites while rapidgator doesn't work? Yes or no. Yes -> the closed connections are NOT the cause. No -> then we will have to try to reproduce the issue and need information like browser/browser version and os/os version. It's easy to say that something doesn't work or something causes something to fail. But without being able to reproduce it, how do you expect us to check/fix it?
I opened this forum while rapidgator dont start the download and dont work in the Browser. Thats always while JD has this
yellow starting symbol and freezes at this for about 1 Minute. After this rapidgator is reachable again. I tryed a different DNS-Server(, i typed rapidgator even in the HOSTS file. Dont help.
Sunday Rapidgator seems down at all, it even dont worked in the Browser.
It does a countdown but the Recaptcha dont appear. But later i got a new
IP and it worked again. In netstat rapidgator was on SYN_SEND.
Its like JD/Plugin does something that RG/RC2 feels attacked by it(DDOS Protection).
If i get a Bugreport the ppl usual tell what happends, what they done and i search for a error in the Code.
I even here to answer additional questions, wrote down the part of Log and so on.
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