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Originally Posted by ypp View Post
Rapidgator disabled TLS1.0 their servers are TLS1.2 only now. All people having problems are using old java 6/7 that does not support TLS1.2.
Wasnt Java Included in JD?! On the System i use Java V7 Update 60.
What i get with google is Java 7 use default TLS1.0 but it doesnt say
it not support higher Versions. The webpage tell what cripers are supported
and the your Computer use one of them.
Would it be the case Downloading would always impossible, but it works sometimes...

I downloaded from differend Hosters that use RC2 via JD the result is that:

Rapidgator - very difficult
Share Online - difficult - medium - easy

Easy is the one you have with all Hosters if you download with a Browser without using JD.
You see it have nothing todo with google "scoring", cause Download was at the same time with same IP&Cookies.
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