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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
It has!

It is a combination of google scoring + the chance that Google may detects the myjdownloader addon and makes the captchas even harder.
So how can google everytime detect JD addon on rapidgator/shareonline and never on
I downloaded about 100 files. RG/SO always difficult, uploaded always medium, Filer always easy.
Same Browser same IP, same Cookies, same Day. And the order was mixed up.

I would guess there is a different, like JD handles RC2 on different hosts.
It maybe something stupid too(cause devīs tell for some ppl captchas are less difficult) like you create this JD-Page into browser from the original page.
And the original has placed the captcha at x,y and you placed it on a,b.
Or/And your Monitor is 1080p and my 720p and the captcha placing is another... Like i told i would bet if you forward to the original Captcha input page the error would be gone.
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