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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
If it would be that easy, then every tool would already use this method
If you know how to do this, please share your wisdom
Its predendet that other Downloaders are able to work with JD.
Connection problem is still not solved with RG - i ask if you could to a Reload inside JD/RG Plugin. If i completed the Captcha, and JD cant access RG(connection timeout) a retry(resend the information) would be sufficent to start the download without the user have to enter another captcha.

I know of course how to do it and i told before but developers seem stubborn and prefer to torture people with difficult captcha.

-Send the ORIGINAL Link to Browser
-Let the user goto the Rapidgator process
-Catch the Final Download link via the JD Plugin or a greasemonkey script.

Cause there is no change/interaction in the Recaptcha process its unable
for RC to detect anyting all is original, captchas from all hosters stays easy.

If you really unable to capture a simple link via a FF Plugin or write a greasemonkey script you could allow direct download via Clipboard(user copy the final link).
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