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Originally Posted by user748912 View Post
I downloaded from differend Hosters that use RC2 via JD the result is that:

Rapidgator - very difficult
Share Online - difficult - medium - easy
Did you ever think about how RecaptchaV2 works? Did you ever play with it by yourself?
You know that RecaptchaV2 is not to protect dowloads but to prevent automatic/bot/spam/attacks? Ever thought about..hey maybe globally (what Google does see) Rapidgator has more traffic/time than maybe..just maybe...on Rapidgator the RecaptchaV2 might be more difficult because for Google sees lots of concurrent traffic worldwide on Rapidgator but much more less Traffic on Filer site. there is absolute NO difference between...spam/attack or just normal ppl downloading from a site. Site owner can easily check their Recaptcha stats for those information.

When I setup a RecaptchaV2 page with only 10 hits a day, you will rarly see any hard captchas. When I increase traffic to 10000 hits/minute, much fun with those harder RecaptchaV2.
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