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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Download was for DIFFERENT hosts?! And same IP&Cookies... Google sees lots of RecaptchaV2 requests from same IP/Cookies within short time window. Don't you think that would not look any suspicious to Google?
No it doesnt. Cause Filer stays easy. If google find something suspicous it would make it more difficult later. It was over a Day with constant results.

By the way its too not a Problem to solve 2 captcha within a minute in a Browser they stay easy.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
It would be really nice if we can stop guessing and arguing and come to the real deal and let's solve those problems.

For example can we start looking into this reported issue and try to analyze it and find the cause/solution for it. You say it yourself, you want this to be solved. We cannot reproduce the issue so we have to work together to find the cause and solve it.

I hope that you agree with me and we can pull in the same direction?
I just guessing around cause nothing happend, to animate the developer
to look into the code. But it doesnt help.

Now you tell its not reproduceable for you, some weeks ago you say
you get blocked too fast by recaptcha to try it. Contradictory, implausible.

You told about a year ago you work on it.
I even told you how to fix it. But its still the same problem.
Cause you loose users, they give up.
They tell "DownloaderX work" or "its impossible with JD, i use a Browser".
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