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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I'm NOT talking about recaptcha.

I'm talking about your connection issues with rapidgator when the extension is processing the recaptcha.
Get a bit mixed.
This would be solved if you send the identical Request(JDownloader) again to rapidgator(captcha is already completed and valid just the same request again).

To Recaptcha again, with your theory - "Recaptcha just get difficult cause JD request some more on a day, a Human doesnt do".
I get over every night a new IP, after 6 Hours, without any RC2, i start a Download via JD. The first captcha is already difficult. Means it has nothing todo with the amout.

While i download with JD(entered already X Captcha) i use the same Browser&Cookie&IP. For example rapidgator dont work and i download via Browser(or solve a Recaptcha on any other page),
the RC2 is easy. Means it has nothing todo with amount or any "scoring".

And that all means its the modification of the Captcha Site, that wouldnt
happend if you do like i told you.
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