Thread: [Solved] Click n Load doesn't work
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Yes, at least until another huge security bug of firefox occurs..
I use now Windows 7, firefox/iceweasel is buggy on linux too. Its not a good idea to use up2date Software, cause devs make many mistakes or stupid things(like kill old Addons and make Click&Load dont work).
Its no low performance/older hardware, Notebooks with 4GB Memory frequency sold today.

But if you speak about, the newer Notebook is faster and on some Webpages i get most time no recaptcha2, before easy recaptcha2. On JD it stays on very difficult captchas. Maybe
its not only your Banner that you place in the Captcha page rather the browser load you creating with the JD<>Firefox communication stuff in Background?
I seen the votings for MyJDownloader App, many ppl have there too unsolvable captchas, and not many use MJD cause data isnt in local network only. Means its not only a problem for few people, it affect many.
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