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The problem is Firefox. When you invoke a new tab it always grabs the focus. You can't make Firefox pop in the background because it won't run under a separate process (Firefox only allows one Firefox process to run at a time with a default installation, unlike Chrome or IE which will run multiple processes simultaneously). If you don't want that, you have to turn off the browser loop or point it to a different browser (like Chrome, which still pops but at least it closes itself). The browser loop isn't a great solution to the hard captcha problem but it's what they came up with. If there was a way to run the browser loop without actually opening a browser window I'm sure they would have done so.

Here's the thing, though. If you set the setting I suggested- Deselect "Browser Loop During Silent Mode" in the Advanced settings , the browser loop still runs when you have JD in focus. It only disables it when you have the JD window out of focus. It doesn't disable it all the time. If you're running JD in silent mode, you don't know when there's a captcha waiting anyway so it doesn't matter if they're "hard" since they'll likely time out. And even if you get a bad one when you do focus the windows, just refresh the captcha. I've tested this- it's how I run my system, although I constantly toggle between silent and non silent mode depending on what I'm doing. Otherwise every time it pops a browser loop it wakes up my monitor.

There's other ways to make it less intrusive but that takes a lot more work and hardware/software. Like not running JD on the box you watch movies on, or running JD in a virtual machine. Or running multiple monitors, though you still have the Firefox problem of grabbing focus since it's single-process so you would need 2 browsers, one dedicated to the browser loop. As I mentioned, I preferred using Chrome for the browser loop because it was less intrusive but it simply quit working for me over time, a problem Firefox hasn't had.

Now, if someone has a "Browser Commandline" setting that will always launch the browser loop in a completely background, non GUI effecting manner that would be great, but I haven't seen one.
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