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It is exactly as described in my last post:
A lot of crawlers will only do one attempt and if this fails you either get nothing or a dummy entry in your linkgrabber containing the failure-reason e.g. "Wrong captcha".
So, trying to refer to this specific case:
If there is an error during the process xvxhm ->, you will get a dummy URL instead.
Even this dummy entry will get renamed by your set crawljob filename.

Originally Posted by mizio66 View Post
Is there any way to avoid this...
No but you could write en EventScripter script that detects this case and re-adds the original avxhm URL or even re-processes the initial .crawljob.

Originally Posted by mizio66 View Post
apart of the captcha possible solution?
A captcha solver service will definitely not eliminate this issue!
Captcha solver services can also fail - commonly if there aren't enough users available to solve captchas, you will run into a timeout, leading to the exact same issue.

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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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