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Although I seem to be a young, senior member of this board, I don't belong to the dev team. I try to help vistors of this board, because the support team is very busy with replying to the same questions again and again. The devs are probably planning their holidays, which they fully deserve, of course.

So, I can only give tentative answers. They might very well be contradicted by the real experts.

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Some questions about this release:
when do you plan to release some updates so that I could see does updating works in this version, since it didn't worked on my PCs since version 0.5.917?
I've the impression that updates are published on a daily basis. So, go ahead and test whichever version you want.

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what does it mean "update plugins" on screen loading? i don't see that it download something from internet in that time
It establishes a connection to the internet and tries to contact an update server, even when you've enabled "Update only at user request". I guess it just counts the number of updates that are waiting. If, however, your firewall blocks this connection in v.0.5.917, then the application hangs until you kill it. I've never seen this before in any previous version of jD, nor any other application.

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do you plan any new modification in next releases, since you already make big changes in this version (i mean with installing)? i have some website with detailed description and screenshot of installing and using this program and i don't know when there will be freeze in gui changes so that i can update it (it is outdated now with tips from old look)
Concerning the installation procedure. The dev team will have to change that, because today, the procedure is too complex for ordinary computer users. As is the case with professional software, jD will sooner or later have to be installed with an installer program.
The usability of JD has suffered in many respects when it was upgraded/downgraded from v.0.4 to v.0.5. More and more of these handicaps are being addressed and removed - at least, that's what I expect from all the reactions of the customers and the feedback of the devs. I conclude that the Human Machine Interface will get small enhancements over time in order to get it at the level of v.0.4. It will be a slow process as v.0.4 wasn't built in one day.

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how could i contact Serbian translator, i don't see it's contact information in language file?
That's totally beyond my knowledge. If that translator has been posting on this board, the admin and moderators of this board should have his/her e-mail.

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