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Originally Posted by Colombus View Post
I know this is quite late but i have the same router and this is the only method i got reconnect to work.So hope this helps someone.

To get it working you have to use a external tool called "Telnet Scripting Tool" to automate telnet access to your router.Batch script won't work because you cannot access telnet window through scripts.

So download the tool and unzip it.Go to the unzipped folder where TST10.exe is and create a text file called "script.txt" with the following (IP is your huawei router,"root" and "admin" is its default telnet credentials and not to be confused with web interface username and password):
WAIT "Login"
SEND "root\m"
WAIT "Password"
SEND "admin\m"
WAIT ">"
SEND "reset\m"

and lastly in jdownloader choose "External Tool Reconnect" and for "command" select the TST10.exe and for "parameter" add this:


You shouldn't use the keyboard while the tool is running or it would mess up the login.
Normally takes about a 1min 30s to reconnect.
Optionally you can add "/o:output.txt" to log the telnet process into a text.Cheers!!
Hi, I tried this for my Huawei 525a and it didn't work. Any idea why? Thank you!
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